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Expert in leading deployment and maintenance of high impact research projects used by thousands of users, focused on simple-to-use and computationally-performant software. Worked in the areas of human pose estimation, deep learning, and computer vision. Lead author of OpenPose (20k+ stars on GitHub). 7+ years of experience in high-performant C++ software development, including multi-threading, CUDA/HLSL, AVX vectorization, and embedded system programming. 4+ years of experience in library/API design, implementation, and maintenance. Mentored multiple interns and students in research and software development.

Research Engineer, Reality Labs Research, Meta:
Starting in January 2022, I am part of the Meta family :)

Research Engineer, Epic Games:
Starting in June 2019, I am part of the Epic Games family :)

M.S. in Robotics and full-time Research Associate, CMU:
I was a full-time Research Associate at The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) since the Fall of 2014 and M.S. student since the Fall of 2016. I graduated in May 2019. I am currently working under the supervision of professor Yaser Sheikh, and I previously worked for 2 years with professor Fernando De La Torre. The main projects I have contributed to are OpenPose, OpenPose Unity Plugin, the Panoptic Studio, IntraFace, and the FeelingSpector. I have also collaborated in projects with Ford and General Motors and IARPA, among others.

B.S. in Telecommunication System Engineering, UPCT: 
Before joining the Robotics Institute, I obtained a B.S. in Telecommunication System Engineering (similar to Electrical and Computer Engineering in US) from Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT), Spain. While an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to work on stereoscopic image rectification and embedded system problems under the supervision of professor Javier Toledo.

Full CV:
My full CV is available in PDF format and on my LinkedIn profile.